Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I want my student to live at a Horizon community?

​Horizon goes above and beyond to exceed expectations in every facet of the student housing experience. With market-leading customer service, we strive to proactively anticipate both the needs of our students and their loved ones. 
Horizon serves more than 15,000 students across the country. With 20+ years of professional management experience, Horizon Communities are designed specifically for the student experience. 
We have tried to anticipate every need and convenience to make our community your student’s home-away-from home. An environment where their safety and school spirit can thrive. 

What is an individual lease?

​​An individual lease provides each resident with their own separate lease agreement and responsibility for only his/her rental installments and applicable utility and parking charges. By signing an individual lease, you are only taking responsibility for your rental installments and lease terms and will not be held liable for any delinquent amounts owed by your roommate(s).

What is the Utility Charge?

Campus Circle offers internet, water, sewer, electricity, and trash removal. The utility charge is a flat fee based on which floor plan you have signed for. There are no overages, only the flat fee per month. 

What if I need roommates ?

​We offer a roommate matching service. Every resident completes a detailed roommate profile questionnaire prior to moving in, which Campus Circle uses to match compatible residents based on their responses, including sleep habits, pets, lifestyle, schedule, etc.

What is the pet policy?

​Pets are allowed only if approved by management. One time fee due of $350 + $50 monthly charge per pet per month. You are responsible for your pet's actions at all times. Leashes are required when outside your dwelling. Dogs, cats, & support animals must be housebroken. All other animals must be caged at all times.

What is MyCreditLift?

​Build your credit by paying your rent on time! MyCreditLift is a service that enables you to build your credit by simply paying your rent on time. This means no loans, no credit cards, and no high-interest rates. Pay your rent on time each month and MyCreditLift will take care of the rest. Please let the office know if you have any questions! 

Lease Term & Rental Installments- What is an installment?

​​The typical lease term is approximately 11.5 months of occupancy which coincides with the university’s academic calendar. The resident is charged a total rent amount for the contracted occupancy period. The lease agreement will reflect the total rent amount typically divided into 12 equal installments due August 1 - July 1.  These installments do not represent a monthly rent amount and are not prorated.

Is Campus Circle Gainesville open to non-students?

The per-person contracts are also designed with students in mind. Nonetheless, Campus Circle Gainesville is an Equal Opportunity housing provider and welcomes applications from non-students. Family members are welcome as well, subject to occupancy limits. Because of the need to match student roommates, non-students must apply together with enough roommates to fill the desired residence.

Do we need Renter's insurance?

Our company requires that all residents have $100k liability coverage. For your convenience, we offer a plan to fulfill this requirement. The cost for this plan is $15 per person per month (through 2024).  You may waive this coverage if you already have liability insurance through another provider however, you must submit a copy of your policy for review so we can ensure it meets our property requirements.  Opting out of plan coverage and submission of an alternative policy must be done within our portal
We also offer Personal Contents Coverage (PCON) for $5 per person per month (through 2024).  Though this is not mandatory, if you would like to waive this coverage you must opt out of the plan within our portal